Developing Cultural Competence in Social and Health Care

Developing Cultural Competence in Social and Health Care


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This book replaces the popular title “Cultural Sensitivity in Social and Health Care” and is a key reference tool for social care workers and health care staff. The first part of the book explores what the concept of cultural competence includes. It encourages the reader to be clear about their own cultural identity, explores oppression and culture and discusses how social care workers can develop the skills necessary to be a culturally competent practitioner. In the second part of the book a number of cultures and religions are discussed, providing staff with information that is relevant in working with individuals of faith or from a minority community. Possible implications for care are clearly stated. Rob Harrison has worked in the social care sector since 1996. Now working as a service manager, Rob has a keen interest in improving outcomes for service users through improving staff training and performance. Rob has written several publications with Siobhan, including the immensely popular “Theory and Practice”. Rachel Harvey is a social worker with a wealth of experience working with people from diverse communities. She co-wrote the popular NVQ related publication “Cultural Sensitivity in Social and Health Care”. Siobhan Maclean is a social work practice educator with a keen interest in supporting staff to develop cultural competence. Siobhan has written a large number of publications to support social workers and social care professionals.


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